ASIX Unveils USB Ethernet iPXE Solution for Network Booting

HSINCHU, Taiwan – Dec. 12th, 2023 – ASIX Electronics Corporation (TWSE:3169) today launches the latest “USB Ethernet iPXE solution”, integrating the iPXE network booting technology with ASIX USB Ethernet controllers, to provide users with a new powerful, flexible, and efficient iPXE network booting experience. This solution supports ASIX’s latest USB Ethernet controllers, including AX88279, AX88179B/AX88179A/AX88179, and AX88772E/AX88772D.

ASIX USB Ethernet iPXE Solution for Remote Boot Evolution


iPXE is an open-source network booting technology and an enhanced version of the Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE). Compared to traditional PXE, iPXE provides users with a more powerful, flexible, and efficient network booting solution by supporting advanced features such as multiple network protocols, various network drivers, HTTPS network security, and customizable script booting processes. iPXE supports multiple network protocols, including HTTP, iSCSI SAN, FCoE, AoE SAN, Wireless and WAN, etc.


The ASIX USB Ethernet iPXE solution offers an alternate network boot method, especially in cases where network booting is essential, and the device’s native network interface is either unavailable or incompatible. Users can manually create an ASIX USB Ethernet iPXE USB bootable disk and use it to boot the iPXE client. After booting up the iPXE client, it can connect to iPXE DHCP/TFTP server through ASIX USB Ethernet adapter, and remotely download the boot image file for network booting process. This solution offers several advantages across various application scenarios, with key features that include:


  • High Scalability: iPXE supports multiple network protocols, various network drivers, and customizable script booting processes to provide users with high scalability to meet diverse network booting requirements in different application scenarios.
  • High Flexibility: Suitable for a wide range of products requiring network booting, especially devices without built-in network capabilities or no PXE support.
  • Portability: The easy portability of USB Ethernet adapters provides users with a convenient network booting solution.
  • Emergency Troubleshooting: In cases where the built-in network port of device fails to work, this solution provides an alternative network booting solution to support emergency recovery or troubleshooting.
  • Extending the Lifespan of Older Systems: Particularly useful for older systems without network capabilities, this solution can easily support a network booting solution through a USB interface to effectively extend the lifespan and usability of older systems.


ASIX’s latest USB Ethernet controllers support advanced driverless and Plug-and-Play features. They are suitable for various smart home and office network applications which require establishing wired network connectivity through the USB interface, such as laptops, tablets, USB Ethernet dongles, docking stations, smart mobile device cradles, POS terminals, game consoles, 5G/LTE router, and embedded systems with USB interface. Please visit the ASIX website: or contact ASIX Electronics Corp. via e-mail: for more information.




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